standard Samsung Refuses to Pay Royalties to Microsoft; Says They Are Now Hardware Competitors


Last month we reported that Samsung was due to shell out over a billion dollars in royalty fees to Microsoft, more than what Microsoft makes off most of it’s hardware platforms combined. Now it seems Samsung are refusing to pay, stating that since Microsoft acquired Nokia; they’ve become “hardware competitors”.

Samsung’s royalty agreement with Microsoft was based on Samsung sharing some information with Microsoft in return for a lower fee; however Samsung think that continuing with this deal would be considered sleeping with the enemy, since they are now on opposite ends of the table.

The agreements, now between competitors, invite charges of collusion.

In response to this, Microsoft are now seeking an additional $6.9 million in late fees and damages; stating that their case against Samsung remains strong.

It seems that nearly every big company out there has to battle it out with Samsung in court; but will this affect Samsung’s already “barely there” commitment to Windows Phone?

Via: WindowsCentral