standard Cortana Reportedly Bringing Spanish Support Soon

Cortana gogAccording to some reports, and the screenshot seen below; Cortana might be adding support for Spanish commands and alerts soon. The update brings the same Cortana interface in Spanish (rather than changing the character as was done for the Chinese release).

screen_shot_2014-11-02_at_12.57.13_pmThis is great news for native Spanish speaking WP users of course, as well as the Windows Phone community in general. Anyone else excited for Spanish support? What language should Microsoft add next; Arabic seems like a smart choice, but would require a lot of work.

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  • jrioscr

    Hope the add Spanish support across the whole spanish speakers people, all languages and accents… not only Mexico and Argentina Suppot :S

  • teslo S

    If MS would open cortana in english for all regions, it would be much easier to wait for other languages.

  • Jazz


    They should be worried less about doing localized voices, and rolling it out with the Jen taylor voice for all English speaking countries first.

    Most of us in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK grow up with a heavy diet of American movies, tv, and music, so we’re all quite okay with an American sounding Cortana.

    All this tweaking things for individual markets is just delaying the overall roll-out.