standard Lumia 830 Coming to At&t for $99 (On Contract) + A Free Fitbit Flex

Microsoft have just announced that the Lumia 830, their affordable flagship phone; will be available on At&t  bundled with a free Fitbit Flex fitness tracker for $99 on contract.

That’s right. Free. The slim, stylish wristband, with a retail price of $99.99, tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned, as well as your sleep quality.

Since the Fitbit Flex retails for $99 on its own; you can either consider that you’re getting the Lumia 830 for free, or the Fitbit for free; either way it’s a win-win.

The Lumia 830 can also be purchased off contract for $449.99, slightly expensive for an “Affordable flagship” but still carries good value.

Although Microsoft haven’t announced a release date for when the Lumia 830 will be available to purchase, they mentioned it would be available for purchase before the holidays.

After all, the holidays are coming up sooner than you think!

Source: Nokia Conversations Blog


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