standard New Microsoft Lumia Leaks; Looks to Solidify Microsoft’s Budget Offerings


Today another Lumia leaked, thanks to the Chinese telecommunications industry. The device is seen wearing the new Microsoft branding on the front and back of the device, along with a front facing camera and an LED flash on the main camera; which already makes it a better offering than the Lumia 530.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry filing, the leaked device goes by the name RM-1090, and although we don’t know much else about it; we can safely assume it will be headed to China amongst other countries.


The real question however is where does this device fit in within the current lower end Lumia offerings, which seem quite saturated at the moment between the Lumia 530, 630 and 635. The device however bears a close resemblance to the Lumia 625, which could always use a successor.


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  • Jazz

    That low end is saturated now, almost too much choice. A few more mids would be better.

  • Oeff

    I don’t think the Microsoft logo looks any good on the device. Wish they would change it to Lumia, and maybe the Microsoft “squares” together with Lumia on the back. Maybe its just me, but I also think it sounds wierd.