standard LG G3 Beat QuickCircle Case Review

DSC06119The QuickCircle case for the LG G3 beat, is one of the official accessories by LG; and certainly one of the coolest accessories for any phone available.

The Quickcircle case works by putting most of the screen to sleep except for the exposed circle int he middle of the screen, which can be used to take calls, check the time, date, weather, play games, listen to music and a whole lot more.

Check out our video review below:

The QuickCircle case is an incredibly useful accessory, not only does it keep your phone safe but it helps make you more productive, giving you easier options to answer the phone, and view your notification.

Even more impressive is the fact that the case is incredibly thin, barely adding any thickness to the case at all, in fact I often forget that it’s there. The cover of the case also has a very nice cloth like neoprene material, giving it a textured premium feel.

My only complaint about the QuickCircle case is the fact that when folded across the back of the phone, the case obstructs the main camera, making it difficult to take photos.

The other issue facing the case is the fact that it’s quite expensive, retailing at $50 on Amazon; however some retailers and carriers offer it as part of a free bundle with the phone, so you might get it for free.

LG G3 Beat Quick Circle Case

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