standard Microsoft Blue; The Latest Addition to the 2015 Lumia Color Collection

Microsoft Lumai BlueEarlier today we saw some leaked images of several unreleased Microsoft devices, including what could possibly be the Lumia 1330, along with the Lumia 535. However more interesting to some, was the color these devices appeared in, as several of these phones displayed a new intense blue color that hasn’t been used on Lumia devices before. 401aa7e771e2d03bd55a38dcaf958b54

The color is much darker than the Cyan blue that Nokia originally used with the Nokia N9, then carried onto the Lumia 800, 900 and phased out in the 920. After which Nokia introduced the glossy red and electric yellow in the Lumia 920 and 820 and then the 1520, while adding the bright green with the Lumia 625 and the vibrant orange with the Lumia 830, 730, 630 and 530.

Nokia however did phase out other colors to make room for these new colors, as none of the original cyan or magenta made it past the first generation of WP8 devices, the glossy red of the Lumia 920 and 1520 seems to have also been benched in favor of other colors, so it isn’t unheard of for Nokia to throw out the old and embrace the new.

Lumia Denim

It’s worth noting that the color is a very close match the color used in the “Lumia Denim” font in the latest software version by Nokia, which would make some sense. However since none of the devices have actually been confirmed by Microsoft it’s possible these could be scrapped at any moment and never truly see the light of day.

Does anyone like the new intense blue? (dare we call it Microsoft blue?), or should they bring back the cyan?



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  • Mr. Peabody

    Maybe the photos don’t do it justice, but it looks fairly undesirable from what I can see. Without question this is not as hot an option as Cyan. BRING BACK CYAN!!!!!

  • flotron

    Cyan should stay with Nokia, is it signature

  • Iframes

    It looks too dark to be “Azure”, which would be my guess for a Microsoft “official color”.

  • mewmew34

    I like the blue. The deeper blues like that are almost always prettier.

  • operian

    I’d call it OneDrive blue.

  • Jazz

    Not a fan of that shade of blue, it should be more an electric blue.

    That particular shade is too dark and saturated, and the black logo gets lost in it.

    Course, in the old days they just had swappable shells in just about every colour you could want, but sadly they’ve gone backwards on that count.