standard Microsoft Branded Lumia Phablet Leaks, Possibly Lumia 1330?


In the image above, showing off a number of Microsoft and Nokia devices, including the yet unannounced Lumia 535, sharp eyed readers also spotted a phablet sized device carrying the Microsoft branding. The device is roughly the same size as the Lumia 1520, most likely putting it in the 6″ screen size category; but it has the same rounded corners as the 1320 (seen below). With an identical camera shape (albeit slightly larger on this unannounced device), as well as the same circular LED flash, it’s quite possible this is out first glimpse of the Lumia 1330.



Also seen in the image is a third Microsoft branded, also unannounced device, (blue device in the upper row, 3rd from the left); the device appears to be the same size and shape as the Lumia 535, but with a different speaker port placement. However it’s likely that this is just a second variant of the 535, possibly a difference between the single sim and dual sim versions, or a China intended version etc.

64e7c701jw1em3lx9pw5qj218g0xcdopIt’s worth noting that the blue color visible in the image above is actually a new addition to the Lumia line-up, a much darker and more intense blue than the Cyan color Nokia have used in the past. Given that Nokia and Microsoft have been pushing out new colors with every generation of devices, (While phasing out some other colors) it’s possible this is the new “2015 Lumia color collection”.

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  • SIMO

    Ugly logo, boring new color. Yup, Microsoft has definitely taken over Nokia D&S.

    • Not sure about the color. Too dark. But maybe it’ll look nice in hand.

  • Potato

    I don’t like this color..
    Bring back Cyan!

    • StraightEdgeNexus

      They know that Potato will just defend WPs and not buy them- so no cyan color! 😀

    • alisaad619

      it’s find it way back after Microsoft try all the possible colors , every year there is a new color . 2014 colors were orange and light green (2013 yellow and red,and if i remember correctly 2012 colors were cyan and pink)

      next year dark blue and another color

      • Potato

        Well, you are right! I never noticed that.
        My suggestion is brown and grey!

        • alisaad619

          you’ll make a great branding & marketing VP :-)

  • djdrfm

    Why is nobody talking about the phone to the left of the supposed lumia 1330, its there in green and the new darkblue colour but looks like a large asha phone???

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  • D Harries

    I think the colours are intentional to define the period we are in.