standard Microsoft Lumia Phablet Leaks Again, Coming Tomorrow?


Earlier we saw the first images of an unannounced Microsoft branded phablet, the device bearing a large resemblance to the Lumia 1320, with the same physical footprint as the Lumia 1520 (6″ screen).  Although we don’t know much about the device, it appears to have the same flash and camera setup as the Lumia 1320, 5 MP with a tiny LED flash.

It’s possible that Microsoft might unveil the device tomorrow, alongside the much leaked Lumia 535; as part of their technology for all release.

lumia_1330Of course it’s possible that this device isn’t a successor to the Lumia 1320, and is actually something else completely.

I must admit however that the Microsoft Logo doesn’t look too bad on the white or yellow covers.

Via: WindowsCentral



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  • PNHD

    the black squares look bad. it should only be the microsoft name, much more simpler and elegant. this way it’s too busy and cheap looking