standard Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Upgrade for All Windows Phone 8 Devices

windows-8-logoToday Microsoft put millions of Windows Phone users at ease, as they took to twitter to finally confirm that all WP 8 devices would receiveĀ the Windows 10 upgrade. There was some doubt among Windows Phone users given how Microsoft left previous WP 7.5 users in theĀ cold, starting fresh with WP8 which left most users with nary an app update to take solace in.

However it seems that Microsoft doesn’t plan on screwing its user base over twice, as seen in the tweet below:

Anyone else relieved?

Via: TheVerge

  • Moody Caplan

    It’s a twitter feed so I can’t say I’m rested, there should be a more legit confirmation.

    • I agree, iirc the Nokia ksa twitter account had claimed wp7 devices would receive wp8

  • Lawrence J. Braganza
    • Kind of sending mixed messages from Microsoft. But I’ve always suspected windows 10 upgrade path given the complete mess they made of wp7. I do think however that Microsoft’s biggest problem is they’re too big, working on a million products from a million different divisions.