standard LG L Fino (Dual Sim) Unboxing (Video & Gallery)


The LG L Fino is an entry level smartphone by LG, building off the same design features of the flagship G series; such as the rear facing buttons and knock-code.

The L Fino comes with a 4.5″ wVGA display (480p) along with an 8 MP autofocus camera and LED flash, the Laser autofocus found in the G3 and G3 Beat is removed to keep the price down.

On the inside the phone has 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory (expandable via Micro SD), along with a Snapdragon 400 (1.2 Ghz) and an Adreno 305 GPU. The actual specs are very similar to the LG G3 Beat (and the Lumia 730), except for the 4 GBs of Ram and the 480p screen.

We’ll be sure to give the L Fino the full review treatment, but for now is there anything you’d like to see reviewed in particular? Any questions? leave them down below. DSC06197 DSC06193 DSC06192 DSC06183 DSC06180 DSC06179 DSC06178 DSC06177 DSC06168 DSC06167 DSC06165

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