standard NOKIA Teasing a Fresh Start #ThinkingAhead

B2ZxPo1CAAAFjV3Nokia have been teasing their fresh start for a while now, promising to reveal everything on November 17th (tomorrow). What do you think they have in store for us?

P.S. for those keeping track, SLUSH (Finland’s tech expo) kicks off on November 18th, one day after Nokia’s big reveal, perhaps they’ll be showcasing something there?


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  • jiipee

    The new Nokia will showcase something on Tuesday ad Sebastian Nyström will be on stage:

    It seems that there are Nokia personnel from the Z launcher team attending the event too. (@SirKneeland)

    I could buy a new designed by Nokia HTC Android device soonish, if they release one 😉

  • buzzonme

    I’m excited for what Nokia has to offer. :)

  • test

    Its a smartwatch. Sorry for killing the rumors :)