standard Redesigned Windows Phone Settings Menu Concept


Earlier we wrote about the mess that is the Windows Phone settings menu, an absolute mess of text with seemingly no sense of continuity or order. Now sueha on Reddit has made a redesign concept of the Windows Phone settings menu, instead of a random mess of lists, the settings options are organized by category.

The categories include:

  • Sound
  • Design
  • Display
  • Connectivity
  • Backup

The settings menu redesign concept comes in two variants, alive tile icon version and a pivoting panorama version (seen below), which do you prefer?


Source: /r/WindowsPhone


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  • The second looks great!

  • tina cole

    wrong…first looks way better.

  • Second

  • Tiles are good for startscreen, but everywhere they get tired. Second is better then first.

  • D Harries

    Both. Start with the tiles and then scroll laterally.

  • MarcSilverTriple

    Not really sure… Today, if you look at all the platforms, WP is the most messy one. Windows 8.1 is probably at the opposite side of the scale. I bet that in this area at least the future looks more like Windows 8.1…

  • Lee Butterley

    Either would be fine, but second seems most consistent with the current design. Really why this wasn’t sorted before WP8 was released is a total mystery, it’s not exactly the most difficult thing to fix.