standard Leaked Assembly Line Windows Phone Device Appears



A new leak of an unannounced and never seen before Windows Phone device has appeared, showing off a display panel along with the hardware Windows Phone keys. Given the presence of the physical capacitive touch keys, it’s safe to assume that this isn’t another low end device, which tend to use onscreen keys, but rather a higher end device. Win_10_first_device_Display_

However there are no details or clues as to what OEM this panel belongs to, but a Microsoft Lumia would be a safe bet, given the number of Lumias already on the market. The panel appears to be around the 5″ size (not monster 6″ sized), and the Windows Phone keys looks lightly larger than they do on current devices (especially the magnifying glass).

Any speculations to as what this may be?

Via: WindowsCentral

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  • vmxr

    we have seen 530, 535 630, 730, 830, 930 so it could be 1030 or a the second generation of 925 i highly doubt they would release 1030 at this time or any time soon they might be saving 1030 and 1530 for windows 10 release because these two high end windows phones deserve a new version of windows