standard Tablet Fight: Jolla Tablet Vs Nokia N1, Vs iPad Mini 3, Vs Nexus 9



With Jolla announcing their crowd-funded tablet today, they’ve added another option to the selections of 8-9″ tablets. Although all four tablets share a similar screen resolution, the Jolla tablet is the only one to offer expandable memory, giving the possibility to add additional storage to the on-board 32 Gbs of memory.

20141118091830-comparison-tableMore importantly however is the pricing of the Jolla tablet, starting at $189 for early adopters, it’s an incredibly affordable tablet, with some interesting. Making it a whole $60 cheaper than Nokia’s already affordable N1 tablet, bold move Jolla.

Which tablet do you prefer?


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  • Sandipan Sarker

    I love both Jolla and Nokia.

  • Ben Ho

    Powered by a 64-bit Intel® quad-core processor, Nokia N1 is smart and fast. And it has the looks to match – a one-piece aluminum body, sandblasted for a satin finish.