standard The Nokia N1 Explained, What it is, What it isn’t & What it Means for Nokia

nokian19_1020_verge_super_wideI found there was a lot of confusion regarding the Nokia N1 tablet, especially when it comes to what it means to Nokia; and whether or not it’s being built by them. So here’s a short video explanation of everything the Nokia N1 is, and what it means for Nokia as a company and a brand Name:



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  • Darra

    I’m kinda disappointed with N1, it’s just another tablet made by Chinese people with Android. No more that Nokia spirit :/

    I pre-ordered Jolla Tablet, looks truly unique OS;

    • Honestly for me, the most appealing thing about the Jolla tablet is the price-tag, the OS does nothing for me.

  • uberlaff

    I’m disappointed. I was surprised they went and released a tablet this quickly after getting rid of their D&S division. But having seen it now, I’m disappointed.

    This is an iPad Mini knockoff with a Nokia logo. I’ve been very careful to say this before because I appreciate companies taking design queues from each other but this one is particularly bad. It has none of the innovative design and spirit of previous Nokia devices. Z-Launcher is not that innovative.

    This satisfies one group of people. Those who like the Nokia name only. Those who appreciated the design, innovation, and creativity should from old Nokia should look for what’s next from the D&S division now at Microsoft that designed and built the devices we liked before.

    This is nothing but a bucket of off the shelf parts in iPad mini knockoff shell with a Nokia name on it. It’s a fine device but it’s not a Nokia.

    • Apparently it looks a lot less iPad~ish in person. I haven’t held one so i can’t judge, but I’m impressed with the internals and specs, and if the build quality is as they claim “looks and feels like a Nokia” then I might be sold.

  • Sandipan Sarker

    I wish a detail review of of both Nokia N1 and the sailfish tablet

  • Ben Ho

    The Nokia N1 is a slab of anodized aluminium that makes it look and feel premium enough to fool you into thinking it’s more in line with the iPad than the Nexus 7. The devices features a rich 7.9 inch screen with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, like that of the iPad Mini Retina.