standard 6Snap Updated to Circumvent Snapchat 3rd party Client Ban

6snap6Snap developer Rudy Huyn has now updated the unofficial yet favorite Snapchat client for Windows Phone allowing it to bypass Snapchat’s renewed 3rd party client crusade. Earlier this month Snapchat started sending out warnings to 6snap users demanding they stop using unofficial 3rd party clients, and even blocking some users from using their accounts. We can appreciate a developer not wanting anyone to use an app besides theirs, but at least make it available on the platform you’re waging a war against.

Hopefully with this latest update 6snap users can continue snapping with their minds at ease.

After updating the app you will be logged out, and faced with a message detailing the change in new APIs that will now allow you to use the app without any issues.

Happy snapping folks.

6snapScan with Windows Phone


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  • only one prob…i think it may not have worked…i can login and view existing snaps but cannot download new ones!

  • Libbi

    Worked for a while, then my account got blocked again and i had to change my password this time before being able to log in again. If you have to change your pass to log in ( even on the official app) do not use 6 snap again unless you want your account on perm-ban.

  • Stephan Ophelders

    Get the notification yesterday again, my snaps don’t get to the people, but can receive it.