standard MixRadio Comes to Android Powered Adidas miCoach


With MixRadio being spun off as an independent service after being transferred from Nokia with the devices and service acquisition, it’s no surprise that the service is becoming available to a wider range of devices. The latest device to get the music steaming service is Adidas’s miCoach, the run keeper watch from Adidas powered by Android.

Although miCoach users will still need a MixRadio+ subscription to access all the greatest features, Adidas and MixRadio are offering 6 months of free service as part of a limited time offer.

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The Adidas miCoach marks the first Android device to get the Mixradio service, in fact it’s the only non-Nokia device to get the service, given how the service is also Lumia-exclusive for Windows Phone. One can’t help but wonder if this marks the start of MixRadio availability on other Android devices, as it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to make it available for other Android devices. Anyone excited?

Source: MixRadio


  • flotron

    kind of sad to see Nokia dismembered

  • JLIT99

    Nokia X already has a fully functional port of MixRadio and some developers have got it running on other Android devices flawlessly.

    All that MixRadio need to do to release on Android is to publish their app to the play store.