standard Spinner Windows Phone Concept Render, With Rotating Camera


From the same designer who made some amazing renders of the Lumia 830 based on early leaks, as well as multiple other projects; Phone Designer on Facebook has just shared his latest concept, titled “Spinner Phone”, the Windows Phone is a slim 7mm thin device made of aluminum and plastic, with a rotating camera (similar to the Nokia N90). The rotating camera serves the purpose of both a front facing and a rear camera by rotating around, cutting the need for two cameras in the device (in which one ultimately ends up being horrible most of the time).

A very compact phone (4.7inch and only 7mm thin). It consists of aluminum and plastics.
The camera module can be rotated – just one camera for all your needs. I built this concept a few months ago. More images, later.

The concept and renders certainly look awesome, especially with that premium metal finish; what do you guys think?


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  • ജിതേഷ്

    Amazing concept!!! would love to have one..

  • iamwarpath

    incredible looking phone but I disagree with having a single camera phone.

  • Juan Luis Cañero Rueda

    Muy bueno !! Microsoft a fabricarlo yaaa !!

  • lumia930

    great concept…but the sharp edges on all 4 corners will dig in to hands..

  • Can any one say in which software those photos were taken ?

  • iphone 100500+

    лучший камерафон!