standard Possible Lumia 1020 Successor Appears; Update: Most Likely Microsoft’s Cancelled McLaren


Update: After looking into it, we’ve heard that this might be a prototype of Microsoft’s cancelled “McLaren” project, the Flagship device that was supposed to usher 3D gestures to Windows Phone. The McLaren project was designed as a follow-up to the original flagship named “goldfinger” which was also cancelled due to production difficulties with the 3D gestures.


With everyone waiting for the next flagship release from Microsoft, a Chinese bidding has listed a Lumia device which certainly has the appearance to be a successor to the Lumia 1020. The device has a similar overall design and camera bump along with a nice sleek aluminum body.

According to the onscreen specs, the device has 32 Gbs of on board storage, 2 GB of RAM as well as a quad core processor and a 1080p screen.

However it’s possible this is a fake due to a couple of reasons:

  1. On screen buttons- no high end Lumia has onscreen buttons (the HTC M8 is the only high end WP to use them), and the bottom of the device certainly looks like it could fit a row of capacitance keys in it.
  2. The camera lens is actually quite small (smaller than the Lumia 1020’s at least)
  3. The camera hump appears to be made entirely of glass, unlike the black plastic on the Lumia 1020
  4. Most importantly it appears to have an LED flash instead of the more powerful Xenon flash


Of course the device clearly claims to be a prototype, which could be a simple explanation for anything that looks wrong in the photos, what do you guys think?

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Via: Reddit / Source


  • Richard Thomas

    Ali, you think the camera hump on the 1020 is made out of plastic?

    • Isn’t it some sort of plasticized material? Surely it’s not metal? It doesn’t have the “cold” metal touch to it.

      • The camera bump on the Lumia 1020 is actually aluminum.

        • David Petrla

          It is aluminium, really.

  • Siliconsub

    It looks great. I would like it even more if it was a dark metal and with magenta, cyan, yellow, green or black polycarbonate parts.

  • David Petrla

    L1020 is plastic with a metal hump. This looks like metal with a glass hump. I think it makes sense especially if the glass is Gorilla.

  • David Petrla

    No Xenon and smaller lens are unfortunate. It also has no mechanical shutter, but it may be no disadvantage as modern digital shutters are much better than the old ones and these days a mechanical shutter would probably mean no improvement.

    What is the dark gray line on the right side of the hump?

  • David Petrla

    The hump thickness signals a serious sensor inside, although a maximum thickness of the device is still probably smaller than that of L1020.

  • გიო

    this device looks like 1020, by my mind next 1030 must has 830 design

  • Kris

    Why nokia has this bump at the back of their phone just to achieve a higher “megapixel” rear camera? WTF?! iPhone only has 8 MP but is arguably on par with sony and samsungs.

    • ridho

      The sensor is big, that’s why it has a hump.