standard Xbox Music Updated, new Features Coming in Windows 10

MusicWhen WP 8.1 was released, the team promised weekly updates for the Music app that was full of problems, now several updates later the fixes have slowed down. Today’s release comes two weeks after the most previous one, and according to the Music team this is because they’re busy working on new features for the Windows 10 version.

You may have noticed it has been more than two weeks since the last update was released. Updates will be less frequent now that the team is also working on new features that will be introduced in Windows 10.

Instead updates will now be delivered on a monthly basis.

Today”s update brings the following changes:

  • Thirteen of our top unexpected app exits (e.g. playback during sync, changing filter with selected songs)
    • Album and artist art issues:
    • Some local tracks not showing album art in Now Playing
    • Album art flashing while shuffling large collections
    • Background artist art flashing
    • Inconsistent display of album art when offline
    • Local or sideloaded albums not showing album art in Recent Plays
  • Content sync interruptions causing all future syncs to fail
  • Deleted songs don’t always get removed from your collection
  • Unable to playback albums in certain circumstances
  • Inconsistent sorting of songs that start with an article (e.g. “A”)

Grab the update from the link below:

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