standard Lumia 1030/Mclaren Renders; Shows off Metal and Polycarbonate Designs


Phone Designer, the same person who brought us our first photo-realistic renders of the Lumia 1030 (based off the leaked protoytype of what is most likely the McLaren), has now returned with more renders including a Polycarbonate version of the phone.

10396960_755885817793279_8201098576706073088_oPersonally I think the metal version looks nicer, but the rough metal seen above also looks pretty awesome too.  10842010_755522364496291_7737168607356437243_o

What do you think?10750103_755522274496300_850071886532754115_o10446322_755522447829616_103936119626801541_oSource: Facebook


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  • Harry

    That would be my next Lumia :-)

  • Jackaroo

    Well if it has sd/qi charging and Glance i’d seriously look at this.

    Interesting that he has the time as 1040, maybe he thinks that’s what it’ll come out as.

  • Ivan Tanev

    Lets see how good are these LED`s . If they can`t match the quality of
    Xenon Flash , then there is no deal for me , and I rather take the 1020
    for half the price of that phone !

  • torpedu

    this looks like a bad Chinese copy of the 1020, common

  • Ketan

    that speaker beside the camera is a design of nokia n8!!!!

  • Terry

    Tell me where to go and buy it ? I want it now ….. :)