standard Metrotube Youtube Client for WP Brings Background playback, Audio Only Mode and More

B3_S8WXCMAAWvaXMetrotube, one of the more popular Youtube apps on Windows Phone just got a nice update bringing a number f awesome features, that aren’t even available in the official Youtube apps on iOS and Android. The latest update brings the ability to stream videos in the background, while the app is minimized or the screen locked, a feature that wasn’t possible previously.

Version 4.3 also brings an “Audio Mode” which will only play the audio file without downloading the video, useful if you want to listen to a song while conserving data.

The full changelog can be found below:

  • Continuous playback for multitasking
  • Continuous playback when locking the device
  • Switch button in top left allows for switching between video and audio mode manually at any time
  • Audio mode and continuous playback both work offline with preloaded videos
  • Full screen button in top right of video allows for enlarged playback with one tap for those who lock their rotation
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Grab the app from the link below:

MetrotubeScan with Windows Phone