standard Tom Warren: There is no Lumia 1030, The Leaked Device was the Cancelled Mclaren

1030Earlier this week we posted about a new device that appeared on a Chinese bidding site, at the time we speculated that it was most likely either a successor to the Lumia 1020, although we had our reservations in the article. Then after asking around we heard that this was most likely the cancelled McLaren device:

After looking into it, we’ve heard that this might be a prototype of Microsoft’s cancelled “McLaren” project, the Flagship device that was supposed to usher 3D gestures to Windows Phone. The McLaren project was designed as a follow-up to the original flagship named “goldfinger” which was also cancelled due to production difficulties with the 3D gestures.

Now it seems Tom’s sources have also further confirmed this statement, he also points out that the cancelled McLaren device has a 20 MP camera, not a 50MP as other sites have mentioned.

We’re still hopeful that Microsoft will grant us a successor to the Lumia 1020, it seems it’s not coming just yet.



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  • Pawlee

    Hopefully all the hype and excitement at least shows Microsoft the importance of a 1030 successor… and also a good idea of the specs it should have.

  • Nokia Rox

    how they can cancel this device, such a beautiful phone with great specs.

    fu MS

  • maratt

    that’s just depressing now. guess the Z4 is my only choice for 2015

  • Hradayesh Nimavat

    Sad that management still sucks even after Microsoft taking full official control of Nokia teams….any clever OEM if had lumia 1020 kind of assets then simply would have released same 41 Megapixels camera module with other incremental hardware specs like 2 gb ram, 1080p 5 inch display, 32gb internal+sd card etc and an another model with same 41 mp camera module but this time slim and trim thanks to innovation in OIS etc with incremental specs again like 2k resolution 5.5 inch display, 3gb ram etc So tl;dr you could make 2 blockbuster flagship devices with that same module for two consecutive years and could sell in millions at least.