standard LG L Fino Gaming Performance Review

DSC06273The LG L Fino, a budget end smartphone from LG, comes with a Snapdragon 200 processor and an Adreno 302. Neither of which are the top of the line chips, however they work quite admirably on the device, giving some pleasant graphics rendering and an overall smooth gaming performance except for a few glitches and stutters here and there.

Check out our gaming performance test below:

The real issue with the L Fino however it the limited storage of 4GBs on board memory, leaving very little space to actually download any games worth playing onto, and given that the Android OS files eat half of that storage you’re left with precious few Megabytes to use for your gaming purposes. The real culprit in the L Fino’s gaming performance is the internal memory rather than the Ram, Chipset or GPU.


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  • Hradayesh Nimavat

    Nooo! why are u reviewing crap non-lumia non-windows phone running phones on a blog that is perceived to be hard core all things Microsoft related!!!!

    • Hi, true we’re die-hard Nokia fans, and Windows Phone users; but times are changing. The Nokia we once knew is now Microsoft, A new Nokia now makes Android tablets, and there’s so much tech to cover. Although we do personally use Windows Phone devices, we still like to cover other OSes and products, for a number of reasons; including seeing what eles is out there; and providing our readers with alternatives should they decide to change their mind :)

      Thanks. Ali.

      • Amr Sabri

        fully agree

    • Amr Sabri

      Android phones ARE NOT crap