standard Lumia Camera 5.0 Update Demoed With HDR and Faster Launch Times

cameraWhen Microsoft announced the Lumia 830 and 730, they also mentioned an update to the Lumia camera app, that would bring some cool features such as HDR capture, 4K video recording and more. Now some of these features have shown up in a video demoing the changes. Check it out below

The most obvious change is the increased launch speed, which is almost instantaneous, hopefully we’ll also see some fixes for the long shot-to-shot times in devices such as the 830 and 1020. And of course let’s hope 4K recording isn’t too far off either.

Anyone else excited?

Via: Reddit


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  • chris rock

    OMFG that speed!, I don’t have an iPhone with me but that looks to be very close!, and that is on a 830, imagine it on the 930/1520 and new high end WP!