standard YotaPhone 2: The Coolest Android Phone Ever



You’d be excused for not hearing about the YotaPhone before; many haven’t. However Yota, a Russian phone manufacturer, have been making some big splashes in the tech world recently, delivering something tech lovers like us are always looking for, innovation. The YotaPhone finally adds a feature that isn’t a gimmick; but rather one that you’d actually make use of, an e-ink display on the back of the phone. img_04




The E-ink display on the back of the phone has a number of awesome uses, but most importantly it helps users preserve precious battery life. The second display double as a way to check notifications, weather, the time and even some casual gaming; without draining your battery. The E-ink display can also be used to read e-books and articles, with the option to push anything on the main screen of the device to the back. Making it not only a pretty useful feature, but giving the phone serious “awesome points”.




Besides the highlight second 4.7″ (960×540) e-ink display on the back, the  YotaPhone comes with a 5” AMOLED Full HD 1080p and an 8Mp rear facing camera. As well as a Snapdragon 800 Quadcore processor (2.2 Ghz) and 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of on board storage. Although the specs aren’t that amazing, YotaPhone have done something I highly approve of, and relied on pure innovation rather than pixel and megapixel counts to make the news.

Long story short, I want one.

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  • Ville Vittumainen

    Russian shareholders maybe, but wasn’t that phone developed in Oulu, Finland?

  • Drewidian

    If they made this with Windows Phone, I’d probably get it. The E-ink on the back would work well with Glance and the WP design language.

  • D Harries

    I love this phone, but not Android…

    If it was a Lumia series, what number would you give it – 900+ ?

  • D Harries

    What would happen if YotaPhone crowd funded a tablet just like Jolla…


    The steel frame of the L930 could lose the polycarbonate back and insert a sculpted glass E ink display on the back – the 930e

    Or perhaps the front screen could be 5.5, or 6 inches as a starting point. Somebody’s going to make this phone. We have the LG G3 at 5.5, and the nexus at 6 inches. It’s what people want.