standard More Photos of Cancelled McLaren Device Appear


Last month we shared images of a prototype that later appeared to be the cancelled Lumia McLaren, Microsoft’s intended flagship that was put aside due to difficulties with its 3D touch technology. Now even more images of the device and its camera bump have appeared, comparing it to an iPhone 6.

The images show off a sim tray similar to that of the 1520 (requiring a sim ejector tool/fancy paperclip to access), as well as a Micro SD slot. The glass camera hump looks pretty awesome, but doesn’t mention a megapixel count; however our sources confirm to us that is indeed a 20 MP camera similar to that of the Lumia 1520/930.

The speaker grill placement on the camera hump is reminiscent of the Nokia 808 and N8, whereas the Lumia 1020 and the 1520 both have it at the bottom of the phone, or lower back.

Check out the images below:

McLaren_2  McLaren-5 McLaren_1 McLaren_4 McLaren_3 McLaren-6-microSDSurce: CNBeta


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