standard Leaked Lumia 330 Appears, Rumored to Come Early Next Year

6d00e9d147d22df416d2677f423e1942With no sign of a 2015 flagship in sight from Microsoft, power users are getting desperate for a new device; however it seems their prayers won’t be answered so soon. A new phone has appeared online, claiming to be the Lumia 330; as the name implies a new low cost Lumia, going even lower than the 5xx model series.

The leaked phone is rumored to come with a 480p 4″ screen, measuring about 11-12 mms thick, and with dual sim 3G capabilities (no LTE). Surprisingly the phone appears to come with physical OS navigation keys, instead of the traditional soft touch keys we’ve grown accustomed to on low-end Lumias (not that I’m complaining). On the other hand the device appears to be missing a physical camera button, which one again appears to be preserved for *pureview* devices.

The leaked Lumia device is expected to launch sometime early 2015, perhaps at MWC (early march)?

What do you think of the new device? Does Microsoft really need more low end Lumias? Isn’t it time for a new flagship?

Source: Dospy


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  • Jackaroo

    Meh. If it’s anything like the 530, this thing will be a piece of junk. So this is what Windows Phone has basically come to, sad really.

    Pretty soon it’ll have the rep as the Netbook of the Smartphone World. Great.

    • D Harries

      In stark contrast to what other people say about Windows Phone.

      What is it you don’t like about the 530, and do you think you bought the right model?