standard Glance Screen Updated With Background Photo Support

Glance BackgroundPreviously if you wanted to add a cool photo to your glance sleeping screen, you had to download a separate beta app from the Nokia beta labs to get it to work. Now with the latest Glance update compatible Lumia devices can add photos to their glance screen without using a second app (meaning it’s now integrated into the OS). However in this update, the image portrayed on the glance screen is set to match the lock screen,  rather than a separate custom image as was previously available (see below).

Unfortunately this does nothing to bring Glance to the Lumia 730/735 or 930 users.

Grab the update from the link below:

glance screenScan with Windows Phone



  • Claus

    Nice to see that they are still working on glance. One of the deal-breakers for me.