standard Exclusive: Microsoft at MWC to be a Low-End Affair; No Flagship Till September

MWCMobile World Congress, the largest mobile convention of the year is slated to take place from March 2nd to the 5th; held in Barcelona Spain as usual. Microsoft have announced that they will be present, however they haven’t dropped any hints about what we might expect from them.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-24-at-14.58.06-600x373Our sources however, have been able to shed some light on what Microsoft have in store, unfortunately it appears that a flagship status phone will not be presented by Microsoft at their event. In fact no high end phones will be presented by Microsoft, our sources claim that Microsoft’s event will mainly involve low-end phones; with the possibility of showcasing a new 6 series device, possibly a successor to the Lumia 625.

401aa7e771e2d03bd55a38dcaf958b541It’s possible one of the devices showcased will include the leaked “Microsoft” branded device that appeared a while back (seen above). Microsoft might also unveil a second low-end Lumia phone, which leaked yesterday; that we current believe will be called the Lumia 330, or possible the 430 (should Microsoft drop Nokia’s aversion to the number 4).


In terms of a flagship device, given the recent unearthing of the cancelled McLaren device, which was cancelled due to production difficulties with its 3D touch technology; we can also confirm that Microsoft don’t have a flagship device slated for release anytime soon. In fact should Microsoft stick to their current time-frame, don’t expect to see a flagship status device till late 2015 (around September). Until then the Lumia 930 and 1520 will be forced to carry the high-end battle against the likes of the iPhone 6, the Note 4 and the upcoming Galaxy S6 and LG G4.





  • flotron

    well, now i can say that WP is officially death for me

    • Nokia Rox

      they are ruining Nokia effort…….

  • John Pallan

    This is OK with me if Microsoft wants to populate the WP with Low end to Mid End devices.

    • There will be definitely be an influx of low-end devices, expect up to three low end devices before any new flagships.

      • John Pallan

        That’s good, more devices = more app developer to flock in WP ^_^

        Planning to buy Lumia 535, but I will wait until they fix the touch issue.

    • kelvin15

      and sooner or later, microsoft will be associated with being a cheap brand.

      • ManicMailman

        Why? Android has huge market share partly due to the low end market. It’s possible to be good at both high and low end.

        • Windows Phone is Dead

          Android’s “low end” phones are pretty amazing. Devices like the Moto G offer high-end features at a low-end price.

          The “low end” Lumias are absolute crap. The 635 and 53X series are creaky thick plastic bricks lacking even basic components like gyroscopes and front-facing cameras. They’re not competitive.

      • John Pallan

        I would say affordable brand not cheap. And not everyone can afford a flagship device…

        Maybe you can, but I cant :)

  • rjmlive

    Seems obvious it’s a “Windows 10 wait” for a flagship. I also hate to say it but September is probably optimistic, it might be more like December. (In Canada well who knows.) I picked up the 830, very very nice phone, perfectly capable. I suspect the next flagship round will include the HTC M9 for Windows and presumably a 940/1540 ish series all running Windows 10. Not even sure about a true 1030/40.

    Considering device lifecycle in North America is very short (maybe 2 years because of contract cycle) MSFT would prefer you stay, but understand if you have to go. They have most of their software/services on Apple and IOS now so you can still use their money makers you love. I might be hoping too much for WIndows 10 and what it could mean. I have no real choice but to wait and see. iPhone temps me because of the app ecosystem, but playing with one just feels so counter intuitive and boring.

  • D Harries

    Don’t be pessimistic. Even sticking with the current range, the phones improve all by themselves with software updates. Wordflow keyboard to name just one of them.

    What is so different about Windows 10?

    • DStwentyone

      I had “Swype” on my Nokia N8 and on my Nokia 808 but NOT on my Lumia 830.
      Using “Swype” writing in Swedish!
      Wordflow does not work for Swedish!

      So, for how long shall I remain optimistic about Wordflow coming to my 830 ? ? ? (so I can swipe/write in Swedish)

      • Windows Phone is Dead

        To answer your question, pick your favorite Windows Phone excuse (they use them all):

        “In the coming months”
        “It’s on the roadmap, be patient”
        “It’s not only about YOU and your needs, there are more important markets Microsoft is focusing on first”
        “I’m sure a third party app will come along soon to let you do that”
        “That’s not important functionality”

        The thing you won’t hear from Microsoft (but will from Google and Apple) is “here are several different alternatives that all work today.”

      • D Harries

        I remember when there was no Wordflow, and by sticking with the same phone, I got a load of software updates.

        Do you prefer Swype, or Wordflow?

        • DStwentyone

          Since “Wordflow” isn’t available in Swedish I can’t tell.
          I loved Swype, though.

  • viipottaja

    Hopefully HTC Hima will come out with WP before that.

    In the meanwhile, I guess I will now get the 830 and get the free Fitbit to give to wifey for Xmas. :)

  • Windows Phone is Dead

    Hahaha! Microsoft, once again, demonstrates amazing arrogance in this space.

    Do they really think the world will wait for them AGAIN, after all the other times they’ve demanded that the world wait for them and failed?

    Incidentally, the mid-range Android handsets these days, like the Galaxy S 4, LG G2, and HTC Desire series, blow away the “high end” Windows Phone devices. Most of the “mid range” Windows Phones are not competitive with the mid range (or even low-end devices like the Moto G) Android devices.

    Go check out a Lumia 635 and compare it to a comparable Moto G. The G has a front-facing camera, better screen resolution, and of course that loaded-up Google Play store. If Microsoft’s plans for most of 2015 are more horribly non-competitive “mid-range” devices like the 635 and 735, they should save their investors some money and just shut down the whole Windows Phone business now.

    • Thagrg

      I think low and mid range Windows Phones in general are way much better than low and mid range Android devices. I have all kinds of operating systems and devices and Lumias are the best. In hight range phones you might say that.

    • smover

      You are talking about the past : the low range lumias are now 535 and 735 …and there is simply no single Android phone bringing the same value for the money on the market. 535 costs 100€, VAT included and the 735 (which has 4G, NFC, Wireless charging etc.) is only 140€ kills the Moto G.
      I got myself a Lumia 830 which is more expansive but brings an outstanding user experience (incredible sound quality in calls for example) at medium price.
      And I’d never change a 930 for a cheap Samsung S4, but do what you like ^^ Seems like you don’t know much about Lumias after all…

    • Andy Liu

      The Moto G is $100 more than the Lumia 635…

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