standard Mix Radio Sold to Line Messaging App

Mix Radio

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division, they also got their hands on Nokia’s excellent music discovery service, Mix Radio. however Microsoft already have Xbox music, and aren’t about to give up on making it a thing (although i wish they would). Earlier this year Microsoft announced that MixRadio would be “Spun-off” or sold to another company, and it seems that company is now Line, the messaging service.


The head of Mix Radio promised the same commitment to continue bringing Mix Radio to Lumia smartphones (although presumably it won’t be a Lumia exclusive much longer), and stated:

“We wanted MixRadio to continue to operate with a commitment to constant innovation and aspiration to deliver the best possible mobile-first experience to listeners. LINE  share this vision and our passion for simple, personal and fun user experiences in every way”.

Although we don’t have many more details about the future of MixRadio, it’s safe to assume it won’t be going anywhere, and will continue to grow and expand. For now we wish the MixRadio team all the luck, and hope for a long and awesome future.

Source: LumiaConversations

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