standard LG Coming Back to Windows Phone? Mid-Range Device Spotted on AdDuplex

LG-logoBack before Windows Phone 8 was ever released, LG took to the sidelines in the Windows Phone fight, opting to focus more on Android, which is arguably a much larger pie to fight over. Since then LG have had some moderate success with their award winning G2 and G3 devices, but it seems they might be preparing to reenter the Windows Phone space.

The latest AdDuplex report shows an LG device dubbed “LG LGVW820”, the device comes with a  4.7-inch screen with a 480 x 854 resolution, so it’s by no means a flagship status device. Although this is no confirmation of LG re-embracing WP, it’s nice to see they haven’t forgotten about it; and perhaps we’ll see a WP version of the G3, or maybe even the upcoming G4.

Via: MobileSyrup

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