standard Alcatel Announces Triple Booting Pixi Phone; Runs Windows Phone, Android & Firefox OS

alcatel-pixi-interiorAlcatel, the communication company that was rumored to be a possible acquisition by Nokia as a way to get back into the mobile industry, acquired Palm at the of 2014. Now they’ve already announced the “Pixi phone”, a device capable of triple booting Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.

Although details are scarce about the device, it’ll come in a 3G only 3.5 inch variant, as well as LTE capable 4, 4.5 and 5″ variants. It’s a bold move by Alcatel, and hopefully one that will work out, as consumers who are on the fence about any of the OSes can give all three a shot without locking themselves into an OS for life.

It’s been suggested that Microsoft’s best way at market-share penetration is to bundle their OS on dual booting phones, getting increased exposure, and Alcatel’s Pixi is definitely one way to do so.

Source: TheVerge


  • D Harries

    It would be interesting to see an examples of how a phone like this would be used.

    Reading my Emails about all the latest versions of Amazon Kindle made me wonder why they don’t make a 2 sided tablet, with colour on one side and E Ink on the other.

    • Like the YotaPhone you mean?

      • D Harries

        YotaPhone. There it is again. I love it. But not Android.

        The business model for tablets is perhaps different than the one for phones. A phone is singular, for the one person, whereas as tablets can be shared as family items. With a colour tablet, and an E Reader; that’s 2 pieces of hardware to share around the family. Plus every time someone gets a new one….

  • Ali, this phone comes with only one os, not any triple boot that you are implying. Better reporting expected!