standard LG Announces the Super Curved, 64 Bit Octacore Flex 2


With CES underway, LG have announced a successor to their first “curved phone” which many might have assumed was nothing more than a one time gimmick. Except it’s not, the Flex 2 picks up where the original left of, but is a whole lot better. Besides the obvious curves of the phone, the Flex 2 comes with a 5.5″ 1080p screen, a 64 bit 8 core processor, running at 2.0 Ghz; as well as a Snapdragon 810 processor.

gflex2_7967-100538658-largeThe Flex 2 also comes with 2 GBs of RAM, a 13 Megapixel camera, similar to that in the G3; but with improved flash, laser autofocus and more, as well as a 2.1 MP front facing camera and a 3,000 Mah battery. In other words the Flex 2 is a beast when it comes to specs.

Via: Engadget


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  • D Harries

    Octacore specs beast. That should keep some people happy. The curve is the wrong way. It should bulge out like Nokia sculpted glass. :)