standard Microsoft’s Next Browser (Spartan) Detailed

halo_spartan_117_by_dimitri444Recently we’ve heard rumors of a new browser in the works from Microsoft, codenamed Spartan. A supposedly light and completely revamped browser that enables extensions/add-ons and is similar to Chrome and Firefox. Now TheVerge have detailed some of the upcoming features of this browser in an exclusive post including:

  • Support for web annotations and sharing (users can draw on a webpage with a stylus, pointing out parts of an article or editing a document, then send that annotation to a friend); these annotations are sent and saved through Microsoft’s OneDrive service
  • Cortana Support, Cortana will be reportedly implemented into the address bar, instantly looking up flight/packaging tracking info as well as weather and other features Cortana is currently capable of. The Spartan browser will then keep you constantly updated regarding updates to your search

If you use Cortana to track a particular flight and start to search for “American Airlines” in the browser address bar, it will automatically display tracked flights and allow Spartan users to view the status of the flight directly. It’s a subtle addition, but you’ll also be able to access Cortana search directly from the new tab interface in Spartan. Cortana integration in the Spartan browser is planned to replace every instance of the existing Bing methods in Internet Explorer.

  • Other features include the ability to group tabs together, such as bunching together work tabs while leaving your causally browsing tabs open to avoid the clutter.

We’re sure to hear more about Microsoft’s new browser in two weeks time, during Microsoft’s upcoming event on the 21st of January. Till then what do you guys think, will a new browser and a rebranding help erase the damage done by Internet Explorer of the past?