standard Another Windows Phone 10 Concept; With Actionable Notifications, Improved Action Center and More


From the same user that brought the redesigned Cortana concept a while back, we now have a full fledged Windows 10 concept. This concept is a bit more realistic than the last one we shared, with less of an overhaul to the way the whole OS functions.

First up are the toast notifications, which can now be expended, and actionable to reply directly without loading the app (seen above), useful when playing a game or watching a movie.



Following the re-worked notifications, the action center itself is now scrollable to support more than 4 shortcuts, and notifications in the notification center show more than a single line, they can also be fully expanded within the notification center for a full look at the notification message.



The Xbox music app has also been reworked, showcasing a larger more beautiful album art, with simpler controls and less clutter; a huge improvement over the current app.

Check out the full concept, with more changes at the link below: