standard Breaking: Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 for Phones- for Devices Less than 8 Inches

DSC06509Microsoft have just pulled back the wraps on Windows 10 for mobile devices, a major puzzle piece in their unified ecosystem plan. Supporting Windows 10 on phones helps bring Microsoft closer to their dream of “one-ecosystem”, uniting apps across stores and making it easier for developers to create for their platform.

As Joe Belfiore took the stage to announce Windows 10 for phones, he said       :

“Windows 10 has been tailored for devices depending on screen size, this is Windows 10 for devices smaller than 8 inches”.

Action center on Windows 10 for phones is synced to the PC, to avoid double notifications. Start screen has been tweaked with easier organization.

So far the changelog includes:

Tweaked start screenmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0502

re-organized app list with most recently installed available at the top of the listmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0508

OS wide voice dictation (with punctuation dictation)microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0540

Movable keyboard on large screeened phonesmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0530

Notification center with expandable notifications (note the small arrows next to notifications)microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0515

Action center with more icons (synced to PC)microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0519

Inline replies from notificationsmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0546

Skype and other IP based chat messaging integrated into messaging hubmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0555 (1)

Redesigned settings menumicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0524

New Office for Phones, with support for heavy files and a full ribbon barmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0620


  • chris rock

    Can’t remember the last time I used an SMS…

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  • Naveen Saroye

    great……i can’t wait to get it