standard Liveblog: Windows 10 the Next Chapter – Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event

Windows 10In just a few moments Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in their hometown of Redmond will kick-off. We’re expected to finally see Windows 10 for mobile devices, as well as a number of new features of the desktop version of the OS, including a new browser code-named Spartan, Cortana for your computer and some Office changes.

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Ali January 21, 20155:47 pm

The office ribbon is now available on phones, bringing better productivity to mobile devices.

Ali January 21, 20155:44 pm

IP based chat can be synced into the messaging hub.

Ali January 21, 20155:42 pm

OS Wide voice dictation!!!

Ali January 21, 20155:40 pm

Ali January 21, 20155:39 pm

New start screeen design!

Ali January 21, 20155:38 pm

Windows 10 has been tailored for certain form factors, scaled to phones and small tablets.

Ali January 21, 20155:38 pm


Ali January 21, 20155:37 pm

So far no glitches, even though Joe stressed this is pre-release software.

Ali January 21, 20155:36 pm

Still no mention of Windows Phone, just lots of Cortana on Windows talk.

Ali January 21, 20155:33 pm

“Show me photos from December”

Ali January 21, 20155:33 pm

Cortana has been customized for the PC, she can pull up PC files, including opening Powerpoint files including searching oneDrive

Ali January 21, 20155:31 pm

Talking about Cortana’s privacy features, the ability to choose what she knows and what she doesn’t.

Ali January 21, 20155:29 pm

Cortana can be found in the taskbar of WIndows 10 (via the verge)

Ali January 21, 20155:28 pm

Cortana and joe are having quite a nice chat.

Ali January 21, 20155:27 pm

Ali January 21, 20155:26 pm

“HEY CORTANA” Cortana for Windows, voice activated.

Ali January 21, 20155:26 pm

Joe stressing on the fact that it’s a “pre-release build” with glitches.

Ali January 21, 20155:23 pm

Talking about switching between touch and mouse modes on tablets, pretty smooth transition.

Ali January 21, 20155:22 pm

(via the verge)

Ali January 21, 20155:22 pm

Notifications and Action center on Windows for computers.\

Ali January 21, 20155:21 pm

Ali January 21, 20155:19 pm


Ali January 21, 20155:19 pm

Joe is on stage! WOhoow!

Ali January 21, 20155:18 pm

Joe Belfiore is coming on stage. Demoing Windows 10 on phones!

Ali January 21, 20155:18 pm

Ali January 21, 20155:16 pm

Windows ten will also be available for free for one year to Windows 7 users.

Ali January 21, 20155:15 pm

Microsoft will make the Windows 10 upgrade available for free to all Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Ali January 21, 20155:13 pm

Nothing interesting or new being said to be honest, just lots of promises about privacy and continuity between platforms.

Ali January 21, 20155:10 pm

“You are a customer, not out product” – talking about security on Windows.

Ali January 21, 20155:10 pm

Microsoft are now talking about the essentials of Windows 10, based on flowing content from one device to another… sounds a lot like linking all platforms together.

Ali January 21, 20155:09 pm

Tell us more about these “new devices”

Ali January 21, 20155:08 pm

They’re now playing a video about the feedback from the insider program which is helping shape the new Windows.

Ali January 21, 20155:04 pm

Windows 10 will bring universal apps to Xbox!

Ali January 21, 20155:02 pm

“amazing new devices enabled by Windows 10” seems we might be seeing some new hardware today

Ali January 21, 20155:02 pm

Ali January 21, 20155:01 pm

Talking about “the future of Windows”

Ali January 21, 20155:01 pm

We’re live, with Terry Myerson on stage

Ali January 21, 20154:59 pm


Ali January 21, 20154:54 pm

Only 5 minutes to go!!!

Ali January 21, 20154:52 pm

According to the verge today’s speakers will include CEO Satya Nadella, WP head Joe Belfiore, Windows Head Terry Myerson, Xbox head Phil Spencer… quite a line-up, a little bit of everything

Ali January 21, 20154:46 pm

Only 15 minutes left! Of course we’ll have to sit through a recap of the desktop and tablet versions first (probably).

Ali January 21, 20154:45 pm

More funky music as we wait… COME ON!

Ali January 21, 20154:41 pm

We’ve already gotten a glimpse of Windows 10 running on a tablets (the Dell Venue Pro 11) courtesy of TheVerge

Ali January 21, 20154:39 pm

Annnd we’re live. The event kicks off in about twenty minutes, excited?

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