standard Windows 10 for Phones & Small Tablets Changelog- What’s New

With Joe Belfiore finally unveiling Windows 10 for phones, this version of the OS will comes to all Windows Phone 8.1 devices, as well as tablets under 8 inches. The update is free for for all users, but an official release date hasn’t been mentioned. Here’s what’s new for your phone, which should be coming “soon” as a Windows Insider preview:

  • Tweaked start screenmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0502
  • Re-organized app list with most recently installed available at the top of the list, recently installed can be cleared by hitting the “clear all x” at the top right corner. the start screen background is also visible in the apps list (as seen in early leaks). microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0508
  • OS wide voice dictation (with punctuation dictation), note that the emoji button seems to have been grouped with the numeric keyboard; perhaps toggled by a settings (similar to the comma in Windows Phone 8.1). No word if this includes offline dictation, although it probably doesn’
  • Movable keyboard on large screeened phonesmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0530
  • Notification center with expandable notifications (note the small arrows next to notifications), notifications sync across devices; allowing you to dismiss notifications on all your devices at once. microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0515
  • Action center with more icons (synced to PC), expandable by hitting the small arrow, the action center syncs with your Windows 10 PC as
  • Inline replies from notifications, giving the ability to quickly reply to notifications without opening the apps. microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0546
  • Skype and other IP based chat messaging integrated into messaging hub, currently limited only to Skype; but hopefully it’ll come to other popular messaging apps such as Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0555 (1)
  • Redesigned settings menu, cleaner layout, with related settings bunched together, the background has been darkened; new icons added and the text has shrunk to fit in one
  • New Office for Phones, with support for heavy files and a full ribbon bar, along with wireless printing for Officemicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0620
  • New outlook app with a fresh clean design, similar to google Inbox, except it comes with a full Word engine to format your documents. microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0677
  • New album view/app, with auto-fixing images (removes red-eye, brightens photos..), grouping similar shots together and automatically tagging faces in
  • New people hub, (universal app)microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0767
  • New Maps app, with Cortana integration (universal app)microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0787
  • New browser, codenamed Project Spartan, with live annotations on the screenmicrosoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0793

*Images via theVerge liveblog

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