standard Lumia Denim Rolling Out to UK Variant Lumia 930s (Updating Mine Now)

As Microsoft promised, a wider rollout of Lumia denim has begun, the latest set of lucky devices to receive the update are the UK variant Lumia 930s (which happens to be my phone).

You can grab the update by heading over to settings-> phone update -> check for update. However remember to opt put of the developer preview program first, or else you won’t see the update (you can always opt in again after the update is installed).

Anyone else gotten it?

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  • nico

    nothing in my 1020 yet

  • Mapantz

    As I mentioned onTwitter.. Not numerous bugs! I downgraded from Denim ro Cyan using Nokia suite, upgraded to Denim and did a hard reset. Screen rotation messes up, takes 5 seconds to rotate. Camera doesn’t launch from sleep always, very intermittent. Lost all camera controls, had to reinstall the app, then it happened again. Web browser is crashing more. Very disappointed to say the least!