standard Video: Lumia Denim Changelog & Walkthrough (on Lumia 930) + Lumia Camera 5

DSC0654s1With Lumia Denim finally seeing a wider roll-out, we’ve gotten a chance to give it a spin on our Lumia 930; here’s a quick video showing off what’s new in Denim; including an in-depth look at the new Lumia Camera 5 app with all its awesome features.

Most of the improvements are aimed at higher end devices such as the (Lumia 1520 and 930), although if you haven’t registered in the developer preview program Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 will also be included in this update, bringing with it Live tile folders and browser improvements.

The Lumia Camera 5 features are the most interesting improvements, bringing the dynamic flash which allows you to manually adjust flash exposure, as well as 4K recording (video sample coming soon) and much more.

What’s your favorite feature?


  • Richard Thomas

    OMG no… from landscape to portrait to landscape to portrait… so disappointing from WP8.1 (and I own a 930 actually being updated to Denim as I write this)

    • Richard Thomas

      I TAKE IT BACK!! Not sure what was happening with Alis’ phone, but when I go into Edit Rich Capture or go into the video settings as Ali did, my phone stays in landscape mode. Much happier now :)

      • Pretty sure I had rotation lock on, and the camera ui overrides that, But the editing apps don’t.

        • Richard Thomas

          Ah yes that would explain it, phew :)