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Hello GOG Readers,

Registered users of the Skype Translator Preview should receive an email notifying them that the promised preview version of Skype Translator is now available.

What is Skype Translator? Have a look for yourself.

From the Registration description:

Skype Translator gives you the ability to speak another language without learning one. Simply set up a Skype video or voice call with someone who speaks another language and start talking. Translator is currently available in English and Spanish. More languages are coming soon.

When you use Translator:

Your conversation is translated into another language in near real-time.

What someone else says is translated back in your language.

An on-screen transcript of your call is displayed.

And you can send instant messages across 40+ languages.

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After setting up the language that you speak and type, you then can choose to enable or disable Skype Translator per contact and per conversation. You can also select the language that the person on the other end of the call uses to ensure accurate translations.

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There is a handy Tips link in the app that takes you to a web page with more information on how to achieve the best possible Skype Translator experience. Here is a snapshot of the Tips page:

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If you haven’t registered, you can register at the link below.

Registration Page

Have you registered for Skype Translator and received your email to download the app? How do you like it so far? Considering the only spoken language translations are English and Spanish (40 textual language translations) in this build, which language would you like the Skype team to focus on for the next spoken language release? Would you like to see Skype Translator Preview on Windows 10 for phones?

As with all of Microsoft’s Preview programs, feedback is key so if you are using the Skype Translator Preview, please leave feedback through the app to help the team create the best Skype experience that the world has ever seen.

Have a great day everyone!

Demitrius Harris

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  • Seems like a pretty awesome project from Microsoft, even fits in with Nokia’s classic “connecting people” idea. That’s real useful innovation right there.

    • Demitrius Harris

      I completely agree. I’ll be testing it out soon on my lowly Dell Venue 8 Pro once I get some of my Spanish speaking and Japanese typing friends to sign up for Skype.