standard Lumia 435 Coming Soon to US Markets

Region capture 1Microsoft have just listed the newly announced Lumia 435 on their US site under “coming soon”. The Lumia 435 is the cheapest Lumia ever, priced at 69 Euros outright (~$75), and it’s possible (if the Lumia 635 and 520 were anything to go by) we’ll see it reach even lower price points once it’s released.

The Lumia 435 comes with a 4″ WVGA screen, a 2.0 MP main camera (along with a VGA front facing camera), and a dual core 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon 200 processor with 1 GB of RAM. The Lumia 435 is Microsoft’s attempt at bringing budget smartphones (with moderate specs) to a whole new price-point, and brining it to the US would open a whole new market share for them.

If past trends are anything to go by, the 435 will likely land on At&t first, and possibly T-Mobile as well, the real question however is how much will it cost?


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  • Demitrius Harris

    I will probably buy one of these shortly after they are available on Amazon. I’ve been looking to get one. Alternatively, I can buy a used Lumia 820 on eBay for under $60. I’ll probably go for the 435 since it is newer and this device, whether the 820 or 435 will be to demonstrate Windows Phone 10 and not be my main device. I wish I could get the Lumia 638 as I like my 635 but would like 1GB Ram like with the 435.