standard Tinder Wants to Charge Users $16/Month for Features 6Tin Brings for Free

tinder-1024x518Today Tinder’s latest “feature” started rolling out, dubbed “Tinder Plus” the £10.99 a month feature brings users the option to “undo” swipes, allowing users to go back and change their mind about potential candidates they might have swiped left or right on. Besides the fact that that’s a ridiculously expensive add-on feature, Windows Phone’s unofficial Tinder client, 6Tin has had that feature for a while now, and it’s completely free.


Region capture 1Other features of Tinder Plus include the ability to change your geographic location, to like babes from afar, as well as “unlimited like”, since apparently now you can only like a certain number of users per day. Sounds like a great way to ruin the service (feels like playing candy crush); more worryingly however is what this will mean for Windows Phone users, as the last time an app added money into their app (Snapchat), they went on a hell-bent crusade to stop people from using unofficial 3rd party apps.B83loQqCIAADhZK

If you want to give 6tin a spin, and try out Tinder Plus’s premium features for free, grab it from the link below:

6tinScan with Windows Phone


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  • counterblow

    well, now that you’ve revealed this you can expect Tinder to send a C&D to 6Tin for busting their shitty business model.

  • chris rock

    F**k ’em, I better go and pick up girls the old school way.