standard First Windows 10 for Phones Screenshots Appear; No Word on Preview Release

Windows 10

Microsoft have apparently begun sharing the Windows 10 for phones build with selected developers and users, we can see a few of the new screenshots below displaying what Microsoft announced last month at the unveiling event.

The quote on the update screen by Russel Wilson is what the Seahawks quarterback said after they lost the Superbowl to the New England Patriots earlier this week, “Ever Setback has a major comeback”. Hopefully the setback in this case is Microsoft’s previous;y minuscule market-share, and numerous missing apps or abandoned apps, and Windows 10 is the comeback,  hopefully we won’t have to wait long to see. w10tp3_thumb1 (1)Currently there is no word on when the Windows 10 insider preview will be available to download, although we’re sure it’ll be sometime during this month, care to place a bet?



  • Naveen Saroye

    and we are waiting eagerly for that

  • Nokia Rox

    Spartan browser and new settings are kick in this update, specially Spartan browser.