standard Windows 10 Preview for Phones Might Allow Users to “Rollback” to Previous Builds

DSC06509One of the risks of running a beta software version, as is the case for the Developer Preview builds and Windows Insider builds, is that you’ll inevitably run into some bugs. Some bugs might even render your phone unusable (my Lumia 930 had a bug where it would randomly reboot in the middle of phone calls).

Although Microsoft advise users not to install the Insider builds of Windows 10 on their main device, it seems they might be enabling a way for users on the Phone version of these builds to revert to previous release, or possibly even back to Windows 8. This comes based off of Gabriel’s tweet seen below:

It would certainly put a lot of users at ease knowing that they can always revert back to a more stable version of the OS should they run into any major issues in the latest build; so let’s see what Microsoft have in store for us.

Via: WindowsCentral