standard Windows 10 Preview to Support 512 Mbs Devices Too

Phone-InsiderSome users have been worrying about the upcoming Windows 10 preview for phones, and whether or not their devices will be supported. Of course a major factor was whether devices with only 512 MBs of ram would be able to run the upgrade, or at least the preview of it.

Thankfully however the answer is yes, as tweeted by Gabriel Aul of the Insider program.

However it seems that not all devices will be able to run the first version of the preview, as hinted by a previous tweet by Gabriel, mentioning that they’re still “finalizing a list” of the devices capable of running the preview.


  • vmxr

    hopefully lumia 520 one of the supported devices for preview i only got one secondary phone if lumia 520 wont be support it i won’t install it on my main lumia