standard Cortana Now Offering to Memorize More Locations; With Optional Nicknames

Cortana locationsCortana has just received yet another back-end update, the latest of which makes her more aware of your geo-locations, offering to memorize more locations besides the usual “work” or “home”.

Additionally these new locations can be saved under a nickname, to help you get navigation information to them. For example you can use this feature to ask Cortana to “get you directions to your girlfriend’s house”, or “the pizza place”. This is especially useful if the point of interest in question isn’t available on the maps database, essentially allowing you to customize your own POI without the need for a huge map overhaul.

Interestingly the feature is quite smart, picking up on locations that you might only stop at for 5 minutes a day, like the Starbucks above which I frequent on my way to work. Way to go Cortana.


  • Demitrius Harris

    Yes, this is definitely a welcomed addition. Cortana recognized two places and I couldn’t determine what the places were by the regular map view. I enabled the satellite view so I could see the building and it turned out to be my barbershop and Denny’s, a restaurant that my wife and I eat at often.

    Goooo Cortana!