standard Purported Lumia 1330 Running Windows 10 Shows Up With New Tile Sizes


Update: It appears at least the second screenshot from this leak has been tampered with, editing the device information and OS version, that further leads us to believe this is a “concept” or a render, and not an actual credible leak.

Here’s an interesting new alleged leak, according to the screenshots seen above and below, these are reportedly coming from a “Lumia 1330” a device that doesn’t exist (at least officially). The device is running “Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview” and has a screen resolution of  719*1280.

The more interesting change however is the appearance of two new live tile sizes on the start screen, a large square tile (double height & width), as well as double vertical tile;  quite like the one we saw appear on Twitter earlier this week.wp_ss_20100207_00021

Although we have no way of confirming the authenticity of such a device, or the new live tile sizes, it’s quite a possibility, since the Lumia 1320 is due for an upgrade soon; which will most likely be announced next month at MWC. For now however keep your salt shaker at the ready.


Thanks for the tip Otto

  • flotron

    A New phone with windows 10 from factory means that windows 10 final is not so far

  • Sweet… I love my 1320 and the leaked specs on this make me want to find a way to upgrade.

  • Demitrius Harris

    I believe the lead image is the first image of Windows 10 Mobile that confirms Live Folders are still possible.

    By the looks of it, W10M has options for have your start screen look like the current Windows Phone Start screen instead of the new Windows 10 Start screen.

    I like my 1520 start screen and I am all for choice. Some days I may want my current WP8.1 screen or a new look and W10M looks to deliver those options.