standard Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Build for Windows Phone- DOWNLOAD NOW!

Windows 10After weeks of agonizing waiting and teasing, along with multiple rumored release dates that came and went; Microsoft have finally released Windows 10 for phones. The release comes as part of the Windows Insider program, which replaces the previous Developer Preview program that launched with Windows Phone 8.

It appears that today’s roll-out of Windows 10 will only be available for certain Lumia devices, including the Lumia 830, 730, 630/635/635.

To begin the journey to Windows 10, fire up the Windows Insider app and hit “get preview builds”, you’ll also have to log in with your Microsoft account (which you should have already enrolled into the Windows Insider program, if not sign up over here). hopefully Windows 10 will now begin downloading on your Windows Phone device. Enjoy!

If you don’t have the Windows Insider program installed yet grab it from the link below:

Windows InsiderScan with Windows Phone


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